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This page shows statistics about Debtags.

There are 621 tags in the Debtags vocabulary, and 61495 known packages to tag. Of these, 24906 are tagged by humans, and 36589 are tagged by robots.

This is a graph showing the distribution of tags:

This is a list of possibly mistagged outliers that have been excluded from the graph:

Number of tagsPackage names
21 racket dillo python-bzrlib python-pyepl libroar2
22 roaraudio latex-cjk-all compiz-dev enna libvibrant6-dev xneur
23 python-mecavideo vlc autorevision
24 apt-cacher steam
25 gnome-gmail dpkg l7-protocols aweather claws-mail-i18n lynx ekg2
26 graphviz
27 pkg-perl-tools libgdata-common python-matplotlib
28 icedove claws-mail firefox
29 squid grass sylpheed-i18n
30 liquidsoap wims
31 iceweasel
34 xymon
35 emacs23
36 squid3
41 ndiswrapper-utils-1.9
43 nis
122 gcj-jre-headless

This is a list of consistency checks that are regularly run on the database, with a list of packages that trigger them:

Check nameDescriptionNumber of matching packages
IsReviewed Package tags should be reviewed by humans 36589 / 61495
HasRole Every package should have a role::* tag 26730 / 61495
Apriori Tagging checks based on rules computed via a statistical analysys of the reviewed tag database 14469 / 61495
HasImplementedIn Every package with a program, devel-lib, plugin, shared-lib, or source role, should have an implemented-in::* tag 14283 / 61495
Shlibs Shared libraries should not normally have other tags except implemented-in 7887 / 61495
HasDevelLang Every development library should have a devel::lang:* tag 5467 / 61495
HasEquivs role::devel-lib and devel::library should always be together 4491 / 61495
DebugSymbols Debugging symbols should not have other tags except role::debug-symbols or role::dummy 1101 / 61495
HasUIToolkit Every package with an X11 or 3D interface should have a uitoolkit::* tag 186 / 61495
HasGame Every package with use::gameplaying should have a game::* tags 113 / 61495